About us

Our Tale

Welcome to Pole Dance Champs, a brand dedicated to all pole dancers out there.

Being a pole dancer for a very long period, we do our best to show our love for pole dance, and to come up with designs and ideas that would help all pole dancers out there show and express their love for the sport.

Poledancechamps pledges that every one of our products is born from our deep love of and commitment to pole dance. We constantly strive to offer distinctive and exclusive ideas and products that would meet our customers’ interests. We also aim to provide a fast-shipping method that meets the needs of our fanbase.

100% Genuine Quality Guaranteed

We are well aware of the risks that shipments face when handled, and we take meticulous care in packaging our products to prevent any damage.

Supportive Customer Care: We take pride in providing top-notch customer support through email and Instagram Page. Our dedicated team is at your service seven days a week, ready to promptly assist with inquiries, fulfill requests, welcome feedback, and more. We’re easily reachable and always enthusiastic to assist!